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Save $573 Per Employee Annually, While Improving Employee Benefits & Take Home Pay.

The Champ Plan is a Section 125-cafeteria plan. It is an employer sponsored, voluntary, self-funded benefits plan. 

Provides pretax benefits under a Section 125

Provides the company a fixed savings of $573.60 per employee per year

Can increase employees pay by an average of $1,500 per year net ($125 per month)

About The Champ Plan

How it Works.

Once a month, enrolled employees will engage in the Champ Personal Health Manager App directing them to complete a health module OR utilize the following tools and services organically: 
  • Telemedicine
  • Prescriptions
  • Doctor / Urgent Care visits
  • Added value health services
  • Champ Plan benefits
  • Direct Primary Care
The Champ Plan doesn’t interfere with or replace any current health plan.
The Champ Plan

Employee Benefits

$0 Unlimited Primary Care Doctor / Urgent Care Visits

Unlimited Prescriptions: $0 Copay

Unlimited Telemedicine and Mental Health: $0 Copay

100% Preventative Care: $0 Copay (MEC)

Personal Health Manager App (Employee Only)

Attending Company Physician

Workers Compensation Management Cost Containment Program

Direct Primary Care (Employee plus Family)

Endorsed By the Two Largest Payroll Companies

Companies that use the Champ Plan

amazon champ plan
arbys champ plan
piggly wiggly champ plan
dunkin donuts champ
ashley champ plan
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piggly wiggly champ plan

Curt Schmidt (Piggly Wiggly Owner)

We’ve been with the Champ PlanTM for over 3 years now.

At first, we were hesitant because we didn’t know if our employees would actually see the benefit. Looking back, we now wish we rolled it out years sooner. Our employees are healthier and they love the added medical benefits along with their higher paychecks. To date we have saved our company and our employees millions and have it implemented in 85 stores across the country. The Champ PlanTM has been the single greatest benefit we have implemented for our employees and our bottom line.

arbys champ plan

Jay Hardesty (Arby’s Owner)

As a fast food chain we always had an issue offering benefits to our employees and the Champ PlanTM has been the perfect fit to accomplish that. Not only does it increase their pay but it provides minimum essential coverage and useful benefits they can use as standalone and with their current plan. The rollout was seamless to all our employees and despite the initial complexities of the plan, the employee experience has been very easy for them to understand. I can honestly say our only regret was not doing it sooner as the tax benefits have been real and tremendous. Our employees have been happy with their benefit plans and the competitive rates. We were pleasantly surprised to see the renewal rates come in lower than we anticipated that shows the effectiveness of the Champ PlanTM reducing the claims that hit our major medical. The Champ PlanTM has been great to work with and we appreciate their level of detail and expertise to help us manage our claims internally which has kept our rates down.

IRS Corporate Auditor (1987-2019)

During my time as a corporate auditor representing the IRS, I saw many wellness plans that came under scrutiny because there were gaps between the design of the plan and the interpretation of the IRS rules. The Champ PlanTM closed those gaps. If I were still in practice with the IRS, there would be no potential exposure as they designed their plan within the letter of the law.


Employees average increase
in net pay per year


Fixed net savings per employee per year for the employer


Employee retention on the plan
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Frequently Ask Questions

The CHAMP Plan™ is funded by the tax savings generated, so there is NO out-of-pocket cost! 


The CHAMP Plan™ is a unique and innovative healthcare solution designed to complement primary health insurance coverage by providing an employee with unlimited Primary Care/Urgent Care visits, 100% preventive care benefits, and zero-dollar copays for primary care or urgent care visits. It provides for the employee important healthcare cost containment benefits, such as unlimited access to their own Personal Health Assistant. The CHAMP Plan™ also includes for both employee and their family unlimited prescriptions for acute and prevention*. Unlimited Virtual Direct Primary Care is also offered to the entire family. Finally, an employee-focused health benefits package that improves their physical AND financial wellbeing! No copays. No deductibles. No coinsurance. No worries!

The CHAMP Plan™ was also designed to engage employees in technology specifically developed to improve their health! All an employee must do is something they already do many times a day: check their email or get on their phone for about the same amount of time as scrolling through their Facebook feed! Our technology is one of the most innovative, intuitive, and interactive Wellbeing Management applications on the market. Employees will receive a Health Score by dedicating about 10-15 minutes each month to answering personalized and interactive health assessment questions through their online portal or Mobile App. Each month, the employee will be required to complete a personal resolution or activity to improve their Health Score! 

Our goal is to help employees learn how to make healthier choices and take a more proactive approach to manage their greatest asset: their health. Employees who satisfy these assessments each month will typically receive an increase in their net take-home pay which can be used by the employee however they want to use it. We put employees in complete control of those extra dollars. 


YES. The CHAMP Plan is not a wellness plan nor a reimbursement plan. Therefore,
Section 105 is not applicable towards this plan. The CHAMP plan is a complementary
healthcare plan that overlays the traditional benefit plan. It is a qualified Section 125
cafeteria plan. It is set up as a self-funded employer sponsored plan that is 100%
funded by the employees through a pre-tax payroll deduction. The amount deducted
represents the maximum claims for the policy year. The Third Party Administrator (TPA)
holds the monies in a custodial account and pays claims as they incur in accordance
with the plan document and the schedule of benefits. The definition of a claim is defined
as 1. Claims made to Providers, 2. Claims made to Facilities, 3. Claims made to
Pharmacies, and 4. Claims made to Employees. Claims made to employees are
triggered when an applicable CPT code is triggered with a corresponding explanation of
benefits (EOB). Examples of these claims are preventive examinations, biometric
screens, health risk assessments, chronic medication fulfillment, etc.. Claims made to
employees are not taxable nor considered ordinary income. The amount of premium
charged to the employees is actuarially set to cover the claim risk on the plan while
meeting a desired medical loss ratio (MLR). At the end of the plan year and the runout
period, any surplus left in the claim account is considered a plan asset to the employer.

Anyone with 2% ownership or more in the company will not be eligible to participate in
a 125 Cafeteria plan (C-Corporations are an exception to this rule but also rare to encounter). If
you have an owner’s spouse that is a W-2 employee with the company they most likely cannot
participate either (community property state) because of the tax savings, the IRS views it as
double dipping. BUT they can pay $234.00 as a health premium to have the benefits. They still
will receive the tax savings for their employees. We would suggest if there is a spouse with
ownership as well, They can be added as a dependent inside the benefits.

NO. The CHAMP Plan is a separate medical plan with it’s own plan document and
benefit schedule. Any claim processed through the CHAMP will follow suit in
accordance with those outlined rules. Claims processed through the traditional HDHP
w/HSA will need to meet the minimum first dollar cost share requirements by the
employee to remain qualified.

A. YES. The CHAMP Plan is an employer sponsored health plan and meets the
definition of Minimum Essential Coverage.

Absolutely none. Many companies do it for the same reason- it provides a tax benefit
for the employees and company. MHP is a completely standalone plan just how they
could also offer a dental or accident plan on top of everything else.

In short, back with the PEO Model Act, and even now with DOIs, it allows on a
statutory basis, under small group health laws, for a PEO to be considered the employer
to all of its covered employees of one or more client companies when offering a
self-insured plan so as to not be subject to onerous state MEWA laws as long as certain
requirements are met. For example, in Texas, it is required the plan (including a fidelity
bond) use an independent actuary and other requirements.

Each month an invoice along with the savings letter is sent to the client via email from
We send these around the 20th to the 25th of the month. The invoice amount is due the
following month on the 5th, depending on when that falls. If that’s a Saturday or Sunday,
it will be the following Monday.
We generally set most clients up on an automatic withdrawal. Some people choose to
send checks, so we can work with that if needed, but auto ACH is preferred.
You’ll see the attachments are for a 47-employee group size. Each employee has three
list items on the invoice. This is how our system sets up the employee’s accounts.
If an enrollment happens in April, a spreadsheet showing all employees that are active
on the plan is sent over the days following the end of the enrollment period. If a client
has a payroll company, our spreadsheet and explanation is generally enough for them
to input the deductions correctly. If payroll is done internally, the client generally needs a
bit of help inputting these deductions. We are happy to jump on a screen share to
ensure these are input correctly. The deductions would go in for the first payroll run in
May. The invoice and savings letter would be sent May 20th – 25th. The invoice amount
would be pulled on June 5th.

An employee will note additional line items on their paycheck because of the employee’s participation in the CHAMP Plan™. These line items reflect a pre-tax premium contribution to the CHAMP Plan™, a post-tax premium for the CHAMP Plan™ premium, and an indemnity type benefit. What you want to compare is what your paycheck is without participating in the CHAMP Plan™ versus adding CHAMP™ to your benefits package. Our plan design puts more money into your pocket and, in nearly every employee’s case, increases their net take-home pay every month.  


If an employee’s primary health plan is ACA compliant, it will also cover preventive services. One of our many goals with the CHAMP Plan™ is to drive healthcare utilization away from an employee’s primary health plan. We want employees to get better and faster care, for less money! By helping employees utilize their healthcare benefits more effectively and efficiently, we will accomplish lower costs for healthcare together. Employees that are not on the company health plan can still participate. 

Think about this for a moment: the more employees use their primary health plan, the higher the claims will be on that plan. That has a direct correlation to how high premiums are. If we spread the cost of healthcare to other coverage and benefits, we can drive the cost of an employee’s healthcare down, and the employees are taking better advantage of their benefits! With the CHAMP Plan™, it sheds the utilization away from your primary plan. 

The CHAMP Plan™ provides many benefits for employees, their spouse, and family! Here is a listing of the benefits available: (See all details on fulfillment documentation)

For Employee: 

  • $0 copays for primary care and urgent care office visits 
  • $0 copay for unlimited 24/7 virtual direct primary care 
  • $0 copay for unlimited prescription drugs for acute and prevention 
  • Health Coaches 
  • Wellbeing management technology – innovative and intuitive software that helps employees take a proactive approach to their healthcare. 

For Spouse and Family: 

  • $0 copays for unlimited 24/7 virtual direct primary care 
  • $0 copays for unlimited prescription drugs for acute and prevention 

The CHAMP™ Preventive Care benefits cover the services required to be covered under ACA guidelines for the employee. 


We provide all employees with an electronic ID card, available through “The Health Wallet” mobile app that can be presented at the time of service. In addition, we also send out a physical ID card that can also be presented at the time of service. 


Absolutely, we are HIPPA compliant. Employee privacy is of the utmost importance for us. As such, we take every precaution to keep all information private. No personal information is ever shared with anyone.